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Company Philosophy

• Core Values
• Mission Statement
• Why Castle?

Core Values

The core values of a company help to define the company and its employees, telling the world who they are and what they stand for. Our core values are simple, yet strategic, and embody who we are and how we treat others in our daily activities. These Core Values start at the top, but spread throughout the organization to include all of our relationships.  

• Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, Accountability, and Trust are the key components of the
   relationships we build with our employees, customers, suppliers, and community.

• Safety of our employees and all those we interact with is of paramount importance to us, whether
   in the shop, on the road, or at the jobsite.

• Innovation & Involvement in our industry, from education to advocacy, benefit those we work with
   and for, in the application of best practices and latest technologies.

• Community. We strive to give back to those in need and we reach out to make the community
   stronger, more durable and more compassionate.

We invite you to join us as a respected partner in our daily efforts to build a better and stronger community for all.


Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is our promise to those in the construction community and to the larger community in which we live:

• To continue to be a leader in the fabrication & erection of structural steel and pre-engineered     metal buildings.

• To hire and train the best employees available; Management, Project Managers, Skilled Artisans,     and Administration.

• To deliver the best product available; on time, on budget, as designed, and as promised.

• To foster a Team Oriented approach between Castle Steel and all those we work with, where     communication saves time, money, and keeps everyone safe.

• To build a solid relationship with our employees, our clients, our service providers, and with those in     our community.

Why Castle?

Every Entrepreneur asks themselves the question, “Why am I starting this business and why should our customers choose to do business with us, versus one of our competitors ?” The answer is simple, “We do our job better than our competitors.”

• We love our work ! There is nothing more rewarding than looking at a completed project knowing
   that you were a part of it.

• We avoid change orders. We believe in identifying problems in the review of the blueprints and
   during estimating. This allows us to deliver our projects without change orders.

• We value relationships. We work hard to build relationships, our word is our bond. We have seen
   how difficult it is to rebuild relationships, so we work diligently to Never let this occur. Our proof is
   completing projects on time and on budget.